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Good reasons for learning German:
• German is the most spoken language within the European Union; one European in four speaks German.
• Term papers, theses… students can’t avoid German, the language in which many scientific reviews are published.
• After English, German is the language in which the most information is available on the Internet.
• German tourists, who earn more in international comparisons, are more and more numerous. In travel as well as in business, German is a major asset.
• The importance of German is likely to increase as Germany invests more than any other country in research and development.
• Communication: German is spoken by more than 120 million people in Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and in parts of Belgium, Northern Italy and Eastern France.
• Business: German is a key language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Learning German improves your chances of success on the job market.

For your professional career
Germany is the greatest economic power in Europe and occupies third place on a global scale. German is by consequence a real asset in the professional world and represents, for numerous employers, an essential skill. Mastering this language could prove to be a precious work tool. What’s more, you need only look at job ads to notice that linguistic skills constitute more and more often an essential criterion for selecting candidates. Learning German will therefore increase your chances of professional success.

For your studies
German encompasses great cultural richness. This language is taught in most countries and is sometimes even compulsory, notably in Switzerland. A large proportion of literary works, scientific publications and reference works are available uniquely in the German language. Learning German will therefore increase your chances of scholastic success and begin your discovery of one of the great cultures of Europe.

For your holidays
If every language is closely linked to a country, German is one example that shares its code of communication with numerous countries: nearly 100 million people worldwide speak German. Whether you go to Austria, to German-speaking Switzerland, Luxemburg or even certain parts of Belgium, northern Italy or eastern France, you can put into practice the knowledge acquired during your language stay. Learning German will therefore open up a range of new cultures to you.
Courses Offered
Language: German

A. Level A1
1. Class : 1Hour Daily (5 days a week)
2. Duration : 3 Months (2.5 months +0.5 months for test practice)
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